What do our dancers have to say?

"I love English Country Dancing! It is easy to learn, and when it's done right, it looks so beautiful and is so much fun. Tummas Dance Group is the best -- I love how committed they are to keep going, and how open they are to beginners and younger dancers. Keep the dances coming -- I'll be here to dance! : )" ~ Londa

"English Country dancing is a fantastic way to start new friendships, exercise your body through the fast-paced moves , and exercise your mind through the complex moves. Tummas Dance group provides a great variety to please everybody with their favorite dances and challenge them with new ones. You'll never have a better time!" ~ Dorothy

"First of all, I love it because it is merry, fast, and makes everyone breathless and happy. (For example, dance the Post Jig...) Secondly, I get to dance with a lot of great people. Third and lastly, I get the practice I need to succeed since I'm such a terrible dancer; that way I won't have to be led by my partner... :)" ~ Ezra 

"I love going to Tummas dance group! The instructors are very well-versed in the art of dance and make the most complicated dances look easy! We all have so much fun at "the dance", and I'd come back every night if I could! 
English country dancing as a whole is just outrageously awesome no matter where you go! It's a very fun activity that is fun and a brilliant workout to boot! The people who come are wonderful and everyone has a really great time. It's a real blast and everyone loves it!" ~ Lydia

"I love the group because they are so welcoming and accommodating whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or are able to do the crazy Levi Jackson Rag without mistakes. It's truly a group where you can get dancing, music, fun, and friendship in a fantastic atmosphere. Here's to many more Friday nights of Tummas!" ~ Grace


"English Country Dance offers a wonderful and unique combination of beauty, fun, exercise, and community, and I'm grateful to Tummas Dance Group for making it available in the Matthews area. I particularly appreciate TDG's friendly atmosphere and commitment to teaching interesting new dances while also making newcomers comfortable." - David