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NameAuthorYear WrittenSet-up
NameAuthorYear WrittenSet-up
Alexander's Birth Day Gary Roodman  Two Couples 
Amazed Geneticist, The Pat Shaw 1974 Four Couples Longways 
A Mover and Shaker Gary Roodman  Duple Minor Longways 
An Enchanted Place Antony Heywood  Four Couple Circle 
A New Beginning Gary Roodman 1992 Three Couple Longways 
Ani's Waltz Gary Roodman  Circle Mixer  
Apollo's Hunt Gary Roodman 2009 Duple Minor Longways 
Apply House  1703 Duple Minor Longways 
Argeers unknown 1651 Two Couples 
Ashford Anniversary, The Charles Bolton 1986 Three Couple Longways (mixer) 
Astonished Archaeologist Philippe Callens  Three Couple Longways 
At Nancy's House Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2002 Three Couple Longways 
A Trip To Paris  Unknown 1711 Duple Minor Longways 
A Trip to the Manors Gary Roodman 2000 Two Couples 
A Trip to Town-O Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2005 Sicilian Circle 
Band of Friends Gary Roodman  Duple Minor Longways 
Banish Misfortune Jenna Simpson 2010 Three Couple Circle 
Barbarini's Tambourine Walsh 1745 Duple Minor Longways 
Bellamira Playford 1721 Duple Minor Longways 
Birthday Branle Gary Roodman  Three Couple Longways 
Black Nag, The  Unknown 1670 Three Couples Longways 
Blaydon Races   Circle Mixer 
Bonny Cuckoo, The Gail Ticknor  1986 Four Couple Longways 
Candles in the Dark Loretta Holz 2006 Duple Minor Longways 
Cheat or Swing   Square 
Chocolate Equation, The Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2009 Duple Minor Longways 
Chocolate for Breakfast Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2007 Duple Minor Longways 
Comical Fellow, The  Unknown 1776  Duple Minor Longways  
Country Bumpkin, The Michael Barraclough  Longways for Six Couples 
Cumberland Square Eight unknown  Square 
Dancing Wife, The Gary Roodman 1992 Duple Minor Longways 
Dear Abby Gary Roodman  Duple Minor Longways 
Dear Abby Gary Roodman 2003 Duple Minor Longways 
Delight of the Men of Llay, The Pat Shaw unknown Sicilian Circle 
Double Duet, A Gary Roodman  Duple Minor Longways 
Dovetail Gary Roodman 1996 Four Couple Longways 
Drapers Gardens unknown 1706 Duple Minor Longways 
Dressed Ship, The Thompson 1774 Duple Minor Longways 
Dr. Who Richard Sauvain  Duple Minor Longways 
Duke of Kent's Waltz  1802 Duple Minor Longways 
Emma Turns Three Gary Roodman 2003 Three Face Three Sicilian Circle 
Emperor of the Moon, The Andrew Shaw 1690 Duple Minor Longway 
Epping Forest unknown 1665 Three Couple Circle 
Fair Quaker of Deal, The unknown  Duple Minor Longways 
Farewell Marian Gwyn Williams 1967 Circle Mixer 
Farewell to the Shore Daniel Seppeler 2012 Duple Minor Longways 
Fast Friends Gary Roodman 2009 Two Couples 
Female Saylor, The Unknown 1706 Duple Minor Longways 
Fenterlarick Joyce Walker 1977 Duple Minor Longways 
Friday Night Special   Sicilian Circle 
Fuerst Maggot, The  2008 Duple Minor Longways 
Gathering Peascods  Unknown 1651 Circle of Six Couples 
Gavin's Fancy Greta Christina 2004 Duple Minor Longways 
Gelding of the Devil, The  1665 Three Couple Circle 
Geud Man of Ballangigh    
Gingerbread Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2012 Three Couple Circle (across from your partner) 
Good Man of Cambridge Gary Roodman 1992 Duple Minor Longways 
Gothic, The  unknown 1862 Longways 
Handel With Care Gary Roodman 1992 Two Couples 
Haymakers, The unknown 1726 Duple Minor Longways 
Heartsease (Spurn & Turn) unknown 1651 Two Couples 
Henry's Other Hornpipe Gary Roodman 1999 Duple Minor Longways 
Holborn March Wright 1742 Duple Minor Longways 
Hole in the Wall  unknown 1696 Duple Minor Longways  
Honeysuckle Cottage Gary Roodman 2003 Duple Minor Longways 
Horseplay Gary Roodman  Duple Improper Longways 
I Care Not For These Ladies Kitty Creelman Skrobela 2002 Circle Mixer (3+ cpls) 
If All The World Were Paper  unknown 1651 Square 
Interruptions Miriam Newman 2011 Duple Minor Longways 
In the Bleak Midwinter Robin Hayden  Duple Minor Longways 
In the Fields of Frost and Snow Nicolas Broadbridge 2010 Duple Minor Longways 
Introduction, The Fried de Metz Herman 1999 Four Couple Longways 
Irish Washerwoman unknown 1700s? Duple Minor Longways 
Jaque Latin Willsim 1755 Duple Minor Longways 
Jenny Pluck Pears unknown 1651 Three Couples Circle 
Jovial Beggars Marjorie Heffer & William Porter 1979 Three Couple Circle 
Kelsterne Gardens  1727 Three Couple Longways 
Key to the Cellar Jenny Beers 2004 Triple Minor Longways 
Kneeland Romp Gary Roodman 1987 Three Couple Longways 
La Bastringue Unknown 1700s - 1800s? Circle Mixer 
La Gavre Philippe Callens  Duple Minor Longways 
La Russe   Square 
Lavender Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2004 Three Face Three Longways 
Leading Man Loretta Holz 2005 Duple Minor Longways 
Leah's Waltz Fried de Metz Herman 1995 Three Couple Longways 
Leather Lake House   Triple Minor Longways 
Levi Jackson Rag, The  Pat Shaw  1974  Five Couples in a U-shaped formation 
Lilli Burlero Playford 1690 Duple Minor Longways 
Little Hunsdon Pat Shaw 1974 Two Couples 
Long Live London Pat Shaw 1971 Sicilian Circle 
Long Pond Pat Shaw 1974 Duple Minor Longways 
Marching to Praetorius Gary Roodman 1996 Two Couples 
Margaret's Waltz  Pat Shaw 1959 Sicilian Circle 
Mary K Gary Roodman 2003 Duple Minor Longways 
Mendocino Cure Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2007 Duple Minor Longways 
Money in Both Pockets    Duple Minor Longways 
Moving Along Roy Dawson unknown Circle Mixer 
Mr. Beveridge's Maggot  unknown 1701 Duple Minor Longways 
Mr. Isaac's Maggot Playford  Duple Minor Longways 
My Lady of the Lake Loretta Holz 2005 Duple Minor Longways 
My Lady Winwood's Maggot unknown 1728 Three Couples Longways 
Never Love Thee More unknown 1686 Duple Minor Longways 
New Parliment House Jig, The  John Colville 1980 Nine Dancers In A Square 
Ninepins   Square +1  
Old Mill, The Nathaniel Kynaston 1718 Three Couples 
Old Wife Behind the Fire  1726 Duple Minor Longways 
On Wittman's Golden Floor (aka On Justin's Linoleum Floor) Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2003 Duple Minor Longways 
Ore Boggy Neal 1726 Duple Minor Longways 
Our Brief Encounters Loretta Holz 2006 Three Couple Longways 
Oxford Circus Colin Hume Three Couple Mixer 1992 
Parson's Farewell unknown 1651 Two Couples 
Pat's Tradition  1973 Three Couple Longways 
Paul Jones   Circle (men inside facing women on the outside) 
Phoenix Rejuvenated, The Pat Shaw 1975 Four Couples Longways 
Physical Snob, The unknown 1800 Three Couples Longways 
Picking Up Sticks Cecil Sharp 1916 Three Couple Longways 
Pine Needles Pat Shaw 1977 Sicilian Circle 
Postie's Jig  Roy Clowes 1960s ? Four Couples Longways 
Potter's Wheel, The Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2009 Duple Minor Longways 
Prince William Pat Shaw  Three Couple Longways 
Puck's Deceit Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 1997 Duple Minor Longways 
Rafe's Waltz Victor Skowronski 1996 Duple Minor Longways 
Ragg, The unknown 1726 Duple Minor Longways 
Rakes of Rochester, The unknown 1748 Duple Minor Longways 
Ramblin' Rosie Gary Roodman 2008 Duple Minor Longways 
Randolph Farewell Fried de Metz Herman 1999 Three Couple Circle 
Rare Vintage Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2013 Two Couple 
Red and All Red Thompson 1757 Three Couple Longways 
Round Pond Pat Shaw 1974 Three Couple Circle 
Row Well, Ye Mariners  unknown 1651  Duple Minor Longways 
Ruby-Crowned Kinglet Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2011 Three Couple Longways 
Rusty Tufty  1651 Two Couples 
Salty Dog Rag, The unknown 1950s? One Couple 
Sapphire Sea Christine Robb  Duple Minor Longways 
Sarah Gary Roodman  Duple Minor Longways 
Say I Do Gary Roodman 2005 Four Couple Longways 
Sea Shadows 2013  Chris Sackett & Brooke Friendly Three Couple Longways 
Sea Shadows Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett 2013 Three Couple Longways 
Shropshire Galop (The Salop Galop) Pat Shaw 1960 Five Couples Longways 
Simone's Semicentury   Duple Minor Longways 
Smithy Hill Tim Cook 1987 Duple Minor Longways 
Softly, Good Tummas  Nathaniel Kynaston  1718  Duple Minor Longways 
Spring, The Thomas Bray 1699 Duple Minor Longways 
Stockport Assembly Gary Roodman  Duple Minor Longways 
Sunlight Through Draperies Tom Roby 2002 Duple Minor Longways 
Tango in Toronto Colin Hume 2010 Duple Minor Longways 
Terpsicourante Gary Roodman 2000 Four Couple Longways 
Trip to Bavaria   Four Couple Longways 
Trip to the Manors Gary Roodman  Two Couple 
True Kit Gary Roodman 1999 Duple Minor Longways 
Turning By Threes Gary Roodman 2003 Three Couples Circle 
Twenty-Something Gary Roodman  Two Couple 
Up With Aily Playford 1703 Duple Minor Longways 
Virginia Reel, The  unknown 1693 Longways 
Vivaldi In Paradise Gary Roodman  Duple Minor Longways (Improper) 
Vowel Dance, The John Krumm  Circle 
Walpole Cottage Pat Shaw 1963 Three Face Three Sicilian Circle 
Waterfall Waltz  Pat Shaw 1966 Sicilian Circle 
Whiskey Before Dinner Gary Roodman 2008 Duple Minor Longways 
Wibsey Roundabout Gary Roodman 1996 Five Couple Circle Mixer 
Winter Dreams Gary Roodman 1996 Duple Minor Longways 
Wrights of Lichfield (K and D), The Gary Roodman  Three Couple Longways 
Yellow Stockings unknown 1726 Duple Minor Longways 
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